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About Us

About our website

We try to recollect all interesting news and projects regarding the fields of fundraising through music, sports, videos and education, but not only.

By understanding from previous innovative and notorious projects in the fields of charity and fundraising, we think that we can implement and suggest both public and private organizations how to participate and sponsor projects that can benefit and impact greatly in someone’s life.

Our mission: looking to the past to encourage and inspire the future of fundraising


Give a significant contribute through news and up to date information about fundraising, specifically in the areas of sports, music and videos


Helping the fundraising awareness for associations and ONG's that serve in the area of education, music and videos

Our Team

Passionate about raising awareness for the need of fundraising through innovative and specific approaches in the fields of sport, music and videos. Various years of experience in ONGs and/or public and private foundations.


Peter Adamson

Sports Fundraising expert

Katherine Wallace

Music Fundraising expert

Sara Adamson

Videos Fundraising expert