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Choosing a Charity that Aligns with Your Values

In a world filled with countless causes and organizations seeking support, choosing a charity that aligns with your values is an empowering and transformative endeavor. It goes beyond mere generosity; it is about investing your resources—be it time, money, or skills—into causes that resonate deeply with your core beliefs. This comprehensive article aims to provide you with the guidance and tools necessary to make informed charity choices that create a genuine impact. By exploring the key factors of values alignment, evaluating the impact of charitable organizations, and actively engaging with your chosen charity, you can embark on a philanthropic journey that not only brings meaningful change but also enriches your own life with purpose and fulfillment.

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Charity Sex Or Prostitution?

Charity can be done in many ways. But when you want to help others and you can’t afford it, you might think about using other kinds of resources. Just like the Chilean Maria Carolina did, who dedicated herself body and soul to the cause.

We can be deceived by many of the porn movies that the big players in adult companies such as PornHub, Brazzer, XVideos, Tukif, and others have and what they claim to attribute to charity in terms of profits generated by all the porn videos. But what Maria did, very few could do.

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Get ready to charity at Christmas 2022

Christmas is coming and with it all the joy that this season brings. Many of us feel that, although charity is a very important thing all year round, it is at Christmas time that we are most confronted with this reality and its importance. How to do Charity at Christmas time There are many charities that help others during the holiday season. But how do you find these charities? What makes them special? And how do you choose between them? We should also make sure we’re giving back to our community during the holidays. I’ve compiled a list of charity… Read More »Get ready to charity at Christmas 2022

The Conscious Choice About Baby Diapers

The diaper industry spends billions of dollars annually on advertising campaigns to promote their products to parents. Every baby has a diaper rash now what does that tell you? That’s right, billions of dollars have been wasted and your baby is still wearing diapers.

Diapers have nothing to do with your baby’s health or long-term comfort. Diapers are simply a way for people to get out of doing something. Like going to the bathroom. People use diapers because it’s faster and easier than actually going to the bathroom. And that’s it.

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How to Help a Child Find Their Own Way

Every parent wants to see their son or daughter grow into their own, adult self. How they learn and how they grow is important. The way they choose to deal with the consequences of their choices is also important.

The first thing you want to do when your child makes a mistake is to teach them to find a way to own it.

Make sure they know how to admit errors, and then help them find a way to own them. Your child needs to feel safe to own their own mistake. Teach them how to say, “I’m sorry.” Help them find a way to own it. Teach them how to act out of love.

Project K – first edition

In 2013, students attending ten Cardiff primary schools gained from this totally moneyed song-writing job advertising tranquility, celebrating song and keeping in mind Kate Johnson, the sibling of the charity’s Nathan Timothy. Kate was a visual musician in Cardiff who regretfully passed away in July 2012. Kate was associated with the onset of the Songwriting Charity’s job when it was founded in 2011. After the success of 2013, the year after the Project K collected around 40 primary schools that were hectic putting a fundraising strategy into action. The participation from companies, local organisations and people that got included was… Read More »Project K – first edition

London Night Rider

An amazing 100km or 60km moonlight cycle ride past London’s legendary spots is normally held annually. Here, we recover the edition of 2016, a remarkable one to always remember. An one day charity ride with a difference … it went to evening! Absorbing over 50 of London’s popular sites, Nightrider London was a genuinely unique method to check out the capital. While London rests, some 2500 bicyclists were set to increase more than ₤ 1 million in one evening for numerous charities. 2016 cycling Route They were set off from Lee Valley VeloPark as well as comply with a 100km… Read More »London Night Rider

Bully Beat

Bully Beat is where everything began greater than 13 years earlier! Developed to excite children regarding the process of verse writing, vocal singing, music setting up as well as modern production whilst advertising a severe anti-bullying message, Bully Beat was one of the most popular workshop experience for students, created by the Songwriting Charity Foundation. Children that participate in these workshops are not simply instructed how to sing and create a tune together but they are additionally encouraged to express their thoughts on ‘bullying’ and also its effects. By listening to one another, appreciating their good friends and also interacting… Read More »Bully Beat