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Project K – first edition

In 2013, students attending ten Cardiff primary schools gained from this totally moneyed song-writing job advertising tranquility, celebrating song and keeping in mind Kate Johnson, the sibling of the charity’s Nathan Timothy. Kate was a visual musician in Cardiff who regretfully passed away in July 2012. Kate was associated with the onset of the Songwriting Charity’s job when it was founded in 2011.

After the success of 2013, the year after the Project K collected around 40 primary schools that were hectic putting a fundraising strategy into action. The participation from companies, local organisations and people that got included was extremely intriguing.

Special visitors consisted of Songwriting Charity Ambassadors, The Floe, that executed three tracks, including an unique written for Project K and also BBC Wales’ Frank Hennessy that delighted the group with an energetic as well as lively set including a few of his and also our much-loved songs.